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New Year Update

It’s been a quick and busy start to 2016.

Since last summer (shamefully my last blog post) I have moved to a new studio in the centre of Bristol and am absolutely loving it! It’s a wonderful space shared with a whole bunch of other creative women, with everything from Lingerie makers, illustrators and bespoke wedding dress designers! I’ve got an amazing view out over the city IMG_20150823_194340and a wall to the side of me where I keep snippets of inspiration. I have been painting here recently too!




The Space has  enabled me to do lots of making! I have been making commissions including another wheelbarrow inner tube rucksack IMG_20151119_161602(more pics soon to be on the ‘commissions’ page), drum stick bags,IMG_20150820_212423IMG_20150820_212416

and bum bags including a lined one with Leather trim for a friend:



Working in an environment with so many other interesting creative types has been inspiring and I have been working on some costumes too:


This jacket looked super futuristic especially with the horns. The rubber is so versatile and brilliant for imitating armour. It’s flexible and tough if a little heavy!

I have been experimenting with different layering techniques and tessellating patterns, although they take a long time and are painstaking I think  they look great:

IMG_20150814_164958 IMG_20150815_182959

Also before Christmas I was luck enough to be involved in the ‘Art House Boutique’ a weekend pop up exhibition organised by a friend and fellow creative dweller of our studio space. I developed these geometric earrings for the sale:



They are sticky back plastic on shapes of the inner tube rubber. They work really well and are pretty striking. I particularly like the bright orange!


I wasn’t able to attend many christmas markets this year, but I did make it to the Christmas Bazaar at the Jam Jar evening Market:
IMG_20151211_173357 IMG_20151211_173405 IMG_20151211_173421

I managed to swap a few things and make a few sales too.

Excitingly the most recent progress with my creations is that they are now stocked in a shop! The wonderful Sancho’s Dress on Fore Street in Exeter has recently taken a few of my bags and a few bits of jewellery to sell. They are a wonderful company that focus on ethical fashion. Starting the business selling ethical pieces made in Ethiopia they are beginning to stock local designers pieces, including mine! check them out on and support ethical and environmentally sound fashion!!!

I have a very exciting collaboration in the pipeline for this spring, so watch this space for some new pieces. As ever I am keen to take commissions and welcome exchanges and alternative bartering, so get in touch if you’ve got any ideas of ways we can collaborate or if you’ve been inspired  by any of my work.

Let Spring be Sprung!



Ancient Tome commission for Puffin Books.

So recently a film-maker friend of mine got in touch with a last minute request to make a ‘ancient tome’ for an advert he was making for Puffin Books as the booked ‘maker’ had dropped out. The Advert is for a teen novel where a young girl is transported to another world through an ancient book she finds in an old book shop.

We scoured the 2nd hand shops on my road and found a book from 1893 with very worn out pages and wonderful old pictures for only £1, and I re-covered it with a larger rubber cover so it overlapped the pages, painted to look like leather, with a real leather spine and oval panel on the front. It took quite a while and it was some where between A4 and A3 in the end.

It was a great experiment with painting on rubber to make it look old, somehow even the seams on the rubber seemed to work!











In the final advert the actual book featured only very very briefly, blink and you’ll miss it but it was great to be involved with such a big project commissioned by such a world famous organisation. It’s had so many views! and it’s only been up a few weeks!!!

I look forward to doing some more of this commission based work for film (props, costume etc.)I really feel like this could be where my work works really well.


Ship shape and Bristol fashion

So, I’m settling into Bristol, out lots, making some and getting inspired always. The evenings are light later so I’m hermitting in my studio much less than I was although still managing to be in here some of the time. Here’s a picture I took of my new wonderful and cozy studio a few weeks ago (it’s now a lot lot more messy!)


I’ve been experimenting with costume, some bags, making some commissions and having fun with spraypaint whilst exploring this city so far. There are so so many amazing makers here that are doing some really exciting things and I definitely feel like ‘the Bristol look’ is seeping into my creations already (more urban, more colour, more fun).  Here’s an example of the kinds of jewellery I’ve been working on, modelled by my beautiful friend Rachel in a pub in East London:


I’ve also been tackling that age old dilemma of dancing around ones handbag! Living in such a happening city involves lots of going out dancing so I’ve been working on a new kind of bag! I call it the leg bag..

. IMG_20150325_174553

It can be worn around the thigh, or…


Around the ankle. Just big enough for ID and cash or maybe a small (not delicate) phone. It’s just for when you need the bare essentials and don’t want a bum bag or shoulder bag cramping your style. I tried this one out at an event in Bath called White Mink that’s all about dressing up and looking fabulous and dancing lots! I wore this on my thigh under my skirt and hardly felt it all night!

I’ve also been working on some commissions, some of which you can see on the commissions page. Some of which I haven’t got any good pictures of yet. I’ve been making lots of feathery earrings with strips of rubber and getting into making some more extreme costumery like masks and armour… more of that to come soon. As always get in touch with feedback or commission requests. My fees are very reasonable and all my creations are 100% upcycled, mostly waterproof and vegan.

Book Cover

IMG_20150209_134332Here I’ve made a diary, the pages are sewn in and it’s lined with some patterned cotton fabric. The paper is very old foolscap paper that my gran had in her cupboard when she died. It has magnetic clasps to keep it closed. The cover is made from recycled rubber inner tubes and is sewn through to connect the rubber to the card inner cover.IMG_20150209_134412

This project was really good fun, although writing out all the dates was arduous, it was worth it, as the final thing was a gift for somebody and they really appreciate it! I was proud of the final finish and now I’ve made one I think repeating it might be much swifter. Get in touch via the email address on the contact tab to order your own!

New blog!

I’ve been meaning to keep a blog of my rubber creations for a long time… and here it is! I’ll document here things that I make and new ideas.

I’ve recently moved to the big city! Now dwelling in Bristol with a new designated studio space and a whole batch of new (old, muddy) inner tubes to play with! I’m so excited to be here and nestle myself in with all the other inspiring green creatives. So much going on! I’ll also be working on getting some of my pieces into some shops and galleries now I’m here so keep your eyes peeled for that!

love, veg and rubber

Ava xxx