Ancient Tome commission for Puffin Books.

So recently a film-maker friend of mine got in touch with a last minute request to make a ‘ancient tome’ for an advert he was making for Puffin Books as the booked ‘maker’ had dropped out. The Advert is for a teen novel where a young girl is transported to another world through an ancient book she finds in an old book shop.

We scoured the 2nd hand shops on my road and found a book from 1893 with very worn out pages and wonderful old pictures for only £1, and I re-covered it with a larger rubber cover so it overlapped the pages, painted to look like leather, with a real leather spine and oval panel on the front. It took quite a while and it was some where between A4 and A3 in the end.

It was a great experiment with painting on rubber to make it look old, somehow even the seams on the rubber seemed to work!











In the final advert the actual book featured only very very briefly, blink and you’ll miss it but it was great to be involved with such a big project commissioned by such a world famous organisation. It’s had so many views! and it’s only been up a few weeks!!!

I look forward to doing some more of this commission based work for film (props, costume etc.)I really feel like this could be where my work works really well.