I warmly welcome commissions as they are my favourite way to work. Like the idea of something like one the things I’ve made? Have your own idea of something you would like me to make? Want something similar to what I’ve made before? Or a whole new challenge? Get in touch via the email address on the contact tab, prices vary but will be agreed before work starts (so there’ll be no unwanted surprises). By using freely available waste products I reduce my costs as you’re just paying for the time it takes to make them. As a guide all of the pieces below cost between £10 and £50.

James’ girlfriends surprise necklace to match the accompanying handbag-

Abby’s lined and padded camera case-

Lucy’s wheelbarrow rucksack-


Jess’ belt bag-


Phil’s earplug belt pouch-

Phil’s drum stick bag-

Grandma’s glasses case-

Kim’s Wallet-

Emily’s Rucksack:



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